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squeeebeee 1.0 - babe eeE blue


Introducing the "squeeebeee" - a nostalgic hybrid of a beanie and a cap.  Stay warm and protect the upper face.  Best worn sideways or to the back.  Wrinkles are desirable.  Folds are encouraged.  Extra large embroidery paying homage to the "e"

-Flat top thick ribbed knit cap/beanie.
-100% Acrylic. 
-Thick oversized outlined embroidery on front, back and top.
-Hand sewn Lurex and playful woven labels.

One size fits all - Please stack and fold as desired.


All orders include a 20 x 30 inch two color Pantone 28gsm compostable tissue paper. 

squeEegEEe items are meant to be enjoyed. They can proudly displayed in your space or worn.  Consider both options equally.

A system of trust is created and strengthened between the wearer and creator. Time and circumstance enhance this bond*


To squeeegeee is to present.
To squeeegeee is to enhance.
To squeeegeee is to giggle.
To squeeegeee is to freak.

squeEegEEe. Squeeegeee. squeeegeee. without scenario…squeeeeeeeeeegeeeeeeeeeEE…