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SQU tee glacier blue Mickey Mouse henley (Yellow Assemblage)

The yellow assemblage was printed in the peak summer of August 2022.  39° C temperatures and factory fumes resulted in disoriented and sluggish prints - misregistration.  This chaos is reflected in each garment.  Made expressly for heat.  Can you feel it?

-The original squeEegEEe t-shirt!!!!!!

-Glacier blue vintage Mickey Mouse henley
-Bright yellow print on front
-Kelly green print on back
-Lurex and playful woven labels on the inside and out / front and back

Pit to Pit: 24.5 in / 62 cm
Shoulder to Hem: 24.5 in / 62 cm

All orders include a branded hand pulled serigraph paper hanger cover (using Nazdar 5500 series poster ink), a clear garment bag, unique hanger and a 20 x 30 inch two color Pantone 28gsm compostable tissue paper. 

squeEegEEe items are meant to be enjoyed. They can proudly displayed in your space or worn.  Consider both options equally.

*Please note all squeEegEEe items are hand picked, printed and finished.  Items are 1 of 1.  Misprints, fades, errors, cracks, etc are part of the product. 

A system of trust is created and strengthened between the wearer and creator. Time and circumstance enhance this bond*


To squeeegeee is to present.
To squeeegeee is to enhance.
To squeeegeee is to giggle.
To squeeegeee is to freak.

squeEegEEe. Squeeegeee. squeeegeee. without scenario…squeeeeeeeeeegeeeeeeeeeEE…