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SQU overdeux buttoned shirt


squeegeee presents the overdeux series. The range of carefully selected oversized shirts with extreme buttons addresses the obsession of the excess. Double the buttons. No more useful than ordinary, but the glitter shines twofold. Buttons are sewn both sides of the shirt – for creative wearing possibilities and a twin structure. Cropping is conservative as layering is encouraged and length is praised. The mismatched prints between the front and back add to the feeling of disorder. Details are added by leaving aside perfection. Placement errors, cracks, lumps and threads optimize particularity.

-A twist on the classic squeEegEEe button-up
-Buttons hand sewn on both sides, an overdeux look 
-Tuxedo shirt front, custom wrist closures
-Lurex and playful woven labels on the inside and out / front and back
-Logo stamp on bottom inside lapel 

Pit to Pit: 24 in / 61 cm
Shoulder to Hem: 31 in / 79 cm

All orders include a branded hand pulled serigraph paper hanger cover (using Nazdar 5500 series poster ink), a clear garment bag, unique hanger and a 20 x 30 inch two color Pantone 28gsm compostable tissue paper. 

squeEegEEe items are meant to be enjoyed. They can proudly displayed in your space or worn.  Consider both options equally.

*Please note all squeEegEEe items are hand picked, printed and finished.  Items are 1 of 1.  Misprints, fades, errors, cracks, etc are part of the product. 

A system of trust is created and strengthened between the wearer and creator. Time and circumstance enhance this bond*


To squeeegeee is to present.
To squeeegeee is to enhance.
To squeeegeee is to giggle.
To squeeegeee is to freak.

squeEegEEe. Squeeegeee. squeeegeee. without scenario…squeeeeeeeeeegeeeeeeeeeEE…