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etiquette (tablecloth)


Etiquette (2023) comments on the allure of dining. A typical social behavior that ranges from formality to offhand. A framework for meaningful, stressful, celebratory and mourning occasions. These experiences are often associated with feelings of excitement, fear and comfort.

Squeeegeee presents a product that offers many possible uses. The sublimated linen style tablecloth measuring 137 x 198 cm (54 x 78 inches) includes a table setting with a complete meal and accoutrements. Pastis, charcuterie, anchovies, olives, cookies, bread and butter are placed on a crocheted doily, which rests on a dark wooden table with rounded edges. Napkins, cutlery and serving dishes are available for decorum. An iPhone sits at the edge of the table in case a social retreat is needed. A guest with a lit cigarette in mid ash is present, so one always has company. In case fashion matters, a squeeegeee scarf and a buttoned shirt are draped over Windsor-style chairs at opposite ends of the table. Ornamental 5-inch discolored trim hangs from the edge to add elegance.

The beauty of Etiquette is that it is no longer limited to the dining room. The ability to bring a soiree anywhere offers an experience that would otherwise feel impossible. The lightweight, foldable product offers the capacity to easily change one’s settings. Prepare your scene. Choose your mood. Practice etiquette. 

Perhaps a night in feels dull? Loneliness is present? One may simply wish to experience the aura of a banquet without the need for tableware.  Placing extra dishes and meals on the cloth only makes the party bigger.  Clutter creates layers and overlap often exposes the truth.

-Sublimated linen style polyester 
-Hand sewn deadstock 5-inch ornate trim
-Lurex and playful woven labels randomly placed

137 x 198 cm (54 x 78 inches) + 5 inch trim


squeEegEEe items are meant to be enjoyed. They can proudly displayed in your space or worn.  Consider both options equally.

*Please note all squeEegEEe items are hand finished.  Misprints, fades, errors, cracks, etc are part of the product. 

A system of trust is created and strengthened between the owner and creator. Time and circumstance enhance this bond*


To squeeegeee is to present.
To squeeegeee is to enhance.
To squeeegeee is to giggle.
To squeeegeee is to freak.

squeEegEEe. Squeeegeee. squeeegeee. without scenario…squeeeeeeeeeegeeeeeeeeeEE…